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Shopping mall dedicated electric hoist

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Product introduction

      The miniature electric hoist, also known as the "small crane", is suitable for lifting small cargo in various occasions. The miniature hoist has a simple structure, is easy to install, and is small and exquisite. It uses single-phase electric power as a power source, and can be operated by household 220V. This kind of miniature electric hoist is widely used in the production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics and other occasions of modern industrial industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial zones. For the work in warehouses, docks, ingredients, hanging baskets and space where the space is narrow, it can show the excellent quality of the hanging miniature electric hoist. Main features of small crane: emergency stop switch and forced disconnect limit switch, protection class IP54, with thermal protection device. 

      Electric hoist for shopping mall: Now every mall basically uses mall advertising hooks, and these advertising hooks Most of them are installed on the edge of the atrium of the mall. The wire rope is guided through the guide wheel and the hook is lowered. When the bar needs to be replaced, the hook can be lowered and the banner can be replaced. 

      The electric advertising hooks of the shopping malls are produced by international standards. They have the characteristics of reasonable design, advanced structure and beautiful appearance. The safety guarantee is also very high. The motor heat sink adopts cast iron structure to improve the service life. Product Features 

      1. Mechanical Stroke: Specially designed for each product, allowing customers to use safely. 

      2, control system: Our products use the control system with live jog function, using wired control, giving you the freedom of operation space. 

      3, motor specifications: the motor uses copper core. The pure copper wire motor is more durable, has low resistance, low heat during use, and is not easy to cause burnt motor, and the welding can be naturally integrated to protect the connection point of the power line, thereby improving the service life of the motor, and being more safe and reliable, pure copper The line motor is quieter. 

      4, system: ultra-quiet deceleration system, high transmission efficiency, low noise, compact structure, omitting the intermediate shaft, square appearance, easier to install and fix. 5. Limiter: It has a mechanical limiter. When the limit baffle hits the limiter, the lifting opportunity automatically stops the operation.


Product parameters

Product number Lifting weight 
Lifting height 
Lifting speed 
Rated input power 
Rated voltage 
Rated frequency 
Net weight 
Supporting capacitor 
Wire rope diameter 
PA200 100/200 12/6 10/5 510 220 50 11 16 3
PA300 150/300 12/6 10/5 600 220 50 11.5 20 3
PA400 200/400 12/6 10/5 980 220 50 16 30 4
PA500 250/500 12/6 10/5 1020 220 50 16 35 4
PA600 300/600 12/6 10/5 1200 220 50 17 40 4.5
PA800 400/800 12/6 10/5 1300 220 50 18.5 45 5
PA1000 500/1000 12/6 8/4 1600 220 50 31 70 6

model Instructions Rated lifting capacity (kg) Lifting height (m) Lifting speed (m/min) Rated voltage (v) Power (kw)
Quick type 500-1000 Single rope 300 1-100 twenty four 380V/50HZ 1.7
Double rope 600 1-100 12
Quick type 500-1000 Single rope 300 1-100 28 220V/50HZ 3.0
Double rope 600 1-100 14
Fast type 600-1200 Single rope 350 1-100 twenty four 380V/50HZ 2.2
Double rope 700 1-100 12
Fast type 600-1200 Single rope 350 1-100 twenty four 220V/50HZ 3.0
Double rope 700 1-100 12
Fast type 750-1500 Single rope 400 1-100 twenty four 220V/50HZ 4.0
Double rope 800 1-100 12
Ordinary 500-1000 Single rope 500 1-100 16 380V/50HZ 1.7
Double rope 1000 1-100 8
Ordinary 500-1000 Single rope 500 1-100 16 220V/50HZ 3.0
Double rope 1000 1-100 8
Ordinary 500-1000 Single rope 500 1-100 14 380V/50HZ 2.2
Double rope 1200 1-100 7
Ordinary 600-1200 Single rope 500 1-100 14 220V/50HZ 3.0
Double rope 1200 1-100 7
Ordinary 750-1500 Single rope 750 1-100 14 220V/50HZ 4.0
Double rope 1500 1-100 7

Note: please call 400-693-1966 or 159-2173-5568 or 135-8570-7531 for detailed parameters.

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Product advantage

Relying on first-class technical team and advanced scientific management, the company's expansion in sales, the products not only sell well in 28 provinces, has established good business relationships with customers both at home and abroad, are welcome, also gradually formed a combined business trade, production, supply, sales, service one-stop business model, to provide users with convenient services all the way, and with high quality product quality wins high praise from all walks of life.
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