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Imported stage chain electric hoist

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Product introduction

The imported stage chain hoist is suitable for professional stage lighting and sound, indicating that the selected event installation inversion engineering or high-altitude operation is applicable, the application is very extensive, the design is compact, the weight is light, and the power supply is based on a single stage. Anywhere, effort. Save time and work. Sports system: 
1. Imported stage chain electric hoist adopts industrial grade high efficiency series wound carbon brush motor. 2. Imported stage ring chain hum can be used for 2 types of choice, single phase voltage. 
3. Enameled wire is resistant to high temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius, which is specially designed for long-term lifting purposes. Brake system: 
1. Equipped with dual brake system: painted mechanical brake and ratchet gear short circuit electric brake controller. 2. It is used for disc brakes with high friction coefficient, disc brakes, Li Ning 蘸 oil, no adjustment at all. 3. When there is power failure or break, start braking and stop in time, safety is perfect, high service life. Electrical Control System: 
1. Based on the direct type control system, it simplifies the complicated wiring, it is easy to maintain and repair, and the chance of low failure rate is safe and stable. 2. The control switch and power cord are detachable quick connectors, which are easy to carry and twist without any troublesome wires. Chain specification: 
1. This famous chain manufactured by the forward error correction company imported from Japan is used in the production of genuine chains. 2. The chain is made of alloy steel material, 80 and 3 safety factors. Gear system: 
1. The most efficient drive system and planetary reduction gear. 
2. The planetary gear system is based on 2 pieces of running the affection wheel heat treated by alloy steel, sharing the power, life is more than 2 times longer than the traditional spread. Main frame: 
1. Lifting machine from 4.5 mm high strength steel plate support. 
2. The application of electrocoating has good rust resistance. Under good operation, the severe ambient temperature is from minus 15 degrees Celsius to minus 65 degrees Celsius. Housing Section:
1. The outer shell of the car body is made of aluminum alloy die-casting and formed with high toughness. Then it is computerized with CNC lathe, high precision, and the rotor runs smoothly. 2. The gearbox is made of aluminum alloy-body die-casting, and then used computer numerically controlled lathe, high precision, and cooking noise. 3. Completely sealed, waterproof level up to 65 intellectual property. 4, the use of automotive-grade powder coating, the appearance of the gourd. 
5. Compact structure, effectively increasing the upper and lower suspension distance.


Product parameters

Model specification Lifting weight 
Lifting height (m) Lifting speed (m/min) Power 
Number of chain lines Chain diameter (mm)
HHD-110.5A 0.5 20 4.2 0.4 1 6*18
HHD-110.5B 0.5 20 6 0.4 1 6*18
HHD-111A 1 20 3.5 0.8 1 8*24
HHD-111B 1 20 5 0.8 1 8*24
HHD-112A 2 20 2.8 1.1 1 10*30
HHD-112B 2 20 4 1.1 1 10*30

Specification model Rated load (t) Lifting speed (m) Motor power (m/min) Speed (r/min) Motor insulation grade Operating Voltage Control voltage Number of chain lines Chain specification
SSHL0.25-01M 0.25T 9.2 0.56 1440 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 4.0
SSHL0.5-01M 0.5T 8.3 0.9 1440 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 6.3
SSHL01-01M 1T 6.3 1.5 1400 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 7.1
SSHL02-01M 2T 6.9 3.0 1400 F 3P/220V-690V/50HZ 24V 1 10.0

Note: please call 400-693-1966 or 159-2173-5568 or 135-8570-7531 for detailed parameters.

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Product advantage

Relying on first-class technical team and advanced scientific management, the company's expansion in sales, the products not only sell well in 28 provinces, has established good business relationships with customers both at home and abroad, are welcome, also gradually formed a combined business trade, production, supply, sales, service one-stop business model, to provide users with convenient services all the way, and with high quality product quality wins high praise from all walks of life.
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